Olly & Hjernehjelmen

I have animated, illustrated and designed the overall visual identity, print material and pretty much everything for the TV show "Olly & the Brain Helmet" – a comedy sci-fi for 3-7 year olds. Check it out. It's going to get spacy!

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Animated logo

I wanted the logo to resemble the shiny brain helmet and the colorful interior inside Sisse's brain. With a good dose of spacy time traveling and neon glow on top.


Pending brain

Inside Sisse's brain Olly can visit any of her memories. Both the sad ones, happy ones, scary ones – and embarassing ones! He just needs to push any button. Olly is pretty good at pushing buttons. But while he decides which one, the brain is pending in the background.  

DM i gråd

In one episode Olly is feeling really sad, so Sisse uses the brain helmet to show him the time, she cried the most in her entire life – when she entered the Danish Championship in crying.

Fill a bucket with tears for this logo I designed for the competitors' t-shirts.


The horror store

Olly visits the memory, where Sisse got the biggest scare of her life – the horror store! Don't get spooked now. It's just a cardboard ghost sign and a store front saying "BOOH!"


Hvem? Hvad? Voksen!

The whole frame of the show actually takes place in another show called "Hvem? Hvad? Voksen!" (roughly translates to 'Who? What? Grown-up!') about learning all kinds of boring adult things - like drinking coffee, vacuuming and making lots of money... However, Olly always finds a way to persuade Sisse into trying out the brain helmet!

This is the soul-sucking and very grown-up logo for the sign in the back.


TV2 Oiii

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Sisse Gram de Fries

Sisse Gram de Fries

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